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Monday, December 9, 2013

Express Stability Ball and Mat Workout

Happy Monday! I know how hectic this time of year can be, which is why it's even more important to get some exercise to help deal with all the stress! I am posting two workouts that can be combined or used separately to get a great express workout in.

5 min Warmup:
Alternating leg swings behind-8 reps each side (standing, reach one foot directly behind you until you are parallel to the ground)
Arm swings-8 reps each side (slight bend in knees and hips, swing one arm in front of you and to side)
Squat to stand-8 reps (Standing straight, reach for toes, bend at knees, lift arms and stand up)
Walkouts-8 reps (Start standing and walk with only slight bend in knees until in plank with shoulders over wrists and walk back to standing)

Stability Ball (SB) Workout: 12-20 min Repeat 2-4Xs
1A. SB Toe Taps- 30-60 seconds: get shins or toes on ball, with hands on ground in plank position, one at a time take the foot off the ball and bring to ground taping toe and switch sides

1B. SB Back Roll-ins-30-60 sec: Lay on mat, place heels in middle of ball, raise hips off ground, keep abs in and roll ball in towards the back, keeping hips lifted and abs in, drive feet into the ball

1C. SB Inner thigh work 30-60sec: Stay on back, grip ball between lower legs, pick shoulder and head up and support with hands behind head, without moving the quads (thighs), straighten and bend lower legs

1D. SB Circles 30-60 sec: In forearm plank position make small little circles with your arms going both directions, try not to move the rest of body too much. Keep hips lifted and abs in

1E. SB Wall Squats 30-60 sec: Place SB against wall and lean so small of back is touching ball, angle your legs out so that when you go to sit down, you knees don't go over your toes. Bend at hips and knees, pushing through your heels after squatting to come back to a stand position

Mat Workout: 12-20 min Repeat 2-4Xs
2A. Hand Bridge with Heel jumps 30-60 sec: Plane hand on mat close to body, lift hips in air, placing your body weight in your hands and heels. One at a time straighten one leg in front of you and jump to switch to other leg (try to only have one leg down at a time)

2B. Walkout Pushups 5-7 each side: Start balancing on one foot with a slight bend in the knee, push hips back and slowly reach down to your mat, walk forward until you are in pushup-plank position, pushup and walk back up to standing, keep foot lifted entire time (complete reps on one side, then switch)

2C. Side Hand Plank 30-45 sec each side: Place hand on ground, arm and shoulder above, straighten body from shoulder to feet (you can stack or stagger feet here), keeping hips off ground, reach top arm up and then underbody and back up again

2D. Floor Jacks 30-60 sec: Think jumping jacks but on the floor: Start in hand plank position and start jumping feet in and out, add alternating arm raises one when feet are out to side

3-5 minutes of stretches and cool down

Happy Holidays!

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