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Friday, April 4, 2014

Sunday Spill-over

Last week I felt great - my workouts were on track, my eating was clean - then came the weekend. It feels like we are so regimented during the week, I am at least, that when that weekend comes, so does the "I deserve this and that" mentality.

I truly believe in a eating clean lifestyle with room for indulgences, just not too many. A while back, I mentioned the 90/10 rule: 90% clean eating, 10% splurges. I still think this is one of the best ways to go. It's so hard and unrealistic to always feel like your diet needs to be perfect. It doesn't; you should be able to enjoy the foods you view as "off-limits." The 90/10 rule lets you feel good about eating clean: lean proteins, healthy carbs, fruits, veggies and good fats, but it also lets a couple snacks or meals a week  (2-3) be a guilt-free splurge!

Put an emphasis on the guilt free; really enjoy your splurge and then move on. Even if you overdo it, you can't berate yourself. I still struggle with this sometimes. In my head I hear "I've been so good all week, and now I ruined it." You didn't ruin it; you had an indulgence, and maybe it was more than planned, but no food should ever make you mad at yourself or your body.

With this pilosophy, though, you have to be csreful. Watch for what I call the Sunday Spill-over effect. When I can let myself guilt-free splurge, I enjoy it and then I also enjoy going back to eating clean. Those times when I let my alter-ego take over, the one that calls food "good" or "bad", I can experience the Sunday Spill-over effect. My one splurge Friday night rolls into Saturday and sometimes all the way into Sunday. I feel guilty, my body doesn't feel good and Mondays are not fun.

So here's to living a healthy lifestyle, enjoying your splurge, and loving your body! Happy Friday!

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