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Friday, December 6, 2013

12 Chances for Health and Fitness

It's that time of year, more food, more drinks, more parties, more fun, all which can lead to more weight gain. The holiday season is such a great time and it should be enjoyed! So, instead of the "I'm not going to eat anything" or the "I will pick back up in the New Year," mindsets, I purpose something different: Have your fun and make the most of this time of year and everyday make it a point to do something good for your body.

There are so many great things surrounding the holiday season, it's easy to get caught up in all the fun and put your fitness goals to the side. This year, I challenge you to do at least one, if not more of the suggested "chances for health and fitness!" The more you do each day, the better you will feel during this season!

"The 12 Chances for Health and Fitness"

1. Plan ahead-look at your week: do you have any parties, happy hours, or planning any indulgent meals? Make sure you take a look and plan your splurges and plan for the rest of the week to be filled with clean eating: veggies, fruits, lean proteins, and complex carbs.

2. Workouts with JTT

3. Drink Water and tons of it! The more parties and happy hours you attend, the more likely you are to be dehydrated, so drink up. Not having enough water can lead to a slower metabolism, which equals weight gain.

4. Try a new healthy recipe

5. Log your nutrition: writing it down equals honesty and helps you to see what your diet is missing

6. No over eating-enjoy your treats, but don't eat past the point of fullness

7. Contain your splurge-this means many things: keep it to only one splurge so if you are having dessert, no drinking and vice versa, also if you splurge for a meal don't let it roll over to the whole day, weekend, week, etc :-)

8. Positivity- turn that negative self-talk around, it doesn't do you any good and don't you deserve a compliment?!

9. Extra steps- this is that parking spot farther away, taking the stairs, and walking instead of driving idea.

10. Maximize your workout-That means having a protein shake, or a carb and protein mix to replenish your body after a tough workout.

11. Food Prep-Setup your week by having the right foods in the house and having them prepared. It's a lot harder to make unhealthy choices when you have your meals planned.

12. Additional workouts: anything from a serious walk or a weight workout counts (15 minutes minimum)

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