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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Vacation time!

After spending a family-fun week in Mackinac, my husband and I decided to hit the reset button. We started off right on vacation by adding in tons of running and biking; however, we may have had a few too many splurges!

Vacation is all about enjoying yourself and taking a break from daily stresses. I think an important thing to remember is to not let your vacation backpedal all of your hard work, both nutritionally and physically. If you are taking a week off from exercise, a good rule is to keep your nutrition really clean. Focus especially on vegetables and protein to keep yourself satisfied. If you are indulging in some decadent food, enjoy it, watch your portions, and make sure to get in some exercise.

No one can be expected to eat healthy and exercise every day; we all need a break. Like all things though, moderation is important. Keep to your clean eating and get that work out in, and you can reach your fitness goals!

--Jackie The Trainer

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