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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Metabolic Resistance Training

What is metabolic resistance training?! Its the workout you want to be doing if you want to burn fat, build lean muscle, and boost your metabolism. MRT is a high intensity interval workout that uses challenging weights, full body exercises, and minimal rests to put demand on both your cardiovascular and muscular systems. It's what you need if you want your body to change and haven't been getting results from your current routine. MRT uses multi-joint exercises, compound movements, weights that make your muscles burn (with good form of course), and intensities that can't be maintained for a very long time. It's your "no wimpy weights" and your "bring it" workout. 

To get the maximum benefit, do this type of training two to three days a week on non-consecutive days! I was just on fox 2 news demonstrating the workout, please check out the video here.

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