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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snowed In...

I sat in the house yesterday knowing I probably wasn't heading to the gym because of the snow and ice. As the hours went by, I knew I was feeling lazy and didn't want to workout, but knew I would feel better if I did. So, I promised myself if I did at least 20 minutes that would be enough and sure enough, I completed a 40 minute at home workout and broke a nice sweat!

I think it's so easy to have the excuse of I'm at home, I can't make it to my workout class, I have nothing to workout with...I am going to take all that away and give you an in-home workout almost anyone can do in any space. Try it out for 20 minutes and you just might make it to 30 or 40 and feel pretty good after :-)

*Because not everyone has equipment in their house, this is going to be a bodyweight workout. But, if you have weights, feel free to add them!

Circuit One (Repeat Circuit 2-3X's)
1a. Alternating arm and leg (on hands and knees, extend opp arm and leg out) 15 Reps
1b. Body Bridge Pulses (On back, knees bent, lift one foot straight up in air, push foot on ground up to lift butt off ground) Do 12 Reps each leg, then switch
1c. Pushups (modified or regular-Can also do on couch or chair-Just make sure elbows are going toward back and not flaring out to side) 10-12 Reps
1d. Core Rolls (Legs Bent, feet off ground, Roll to one side of body then other, don't let knees touch ground)
1e. Stairs walks/Runs (For 1 minute walk or run up and down any of your staircases to increase heart rate)

Circuit Two: Repeat 1-2X's
2a. Squats (Feet shoulder-width apart, bend at hips and knees until butt parallel to ground, push-up through heels) 12-15 Reps
2b. Plank hold (On forearms, hold body in a straight-line from head to toes) 30-60 sec
2c. Heel touches (on back, bend knees to a 90 degree angel, feet up, slowly drop one leg until it almost touches floor and is straight, then bring it back to other leg. Repeat with opp leg)
12 Reps each side
2d. Mountain climbers (on hands, shoulders over wrists, bring knees to chest as quickly as possibly, alternating sides) 30-60 seconds
2e. Stairwalk/Runs (60 seconds)

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