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Monday, January 10, 2011

It's that time of year again...

The time when we make resolutions that we promise to keep.
The time when we feel refreshed, rejeuvenated, like we can accomplish anything!
It also can be seen as the time when we over promise ourselves something.
A time when we become extremists to only push ourselves to what some people call "cheating."

I challenge you this new year to make yourself a promise to focus on a healthier you, a fitter you, a better you. Try to take the focus off of "losing this weight" or "not eating so much dessert" to "getting more exercise in" and "eating more vegetables and lean proteins"

I think sometimes we let our focus for our "resolutions" become negative and then we berate ourselves when we don't get 5 workouts in that week or we ate that ice cream last night.

Try to keep your focus positive and yourself honest. You may not have time or energy to get all those workouts in and you may want dessert a certain night, that's okay, that's what we call letting ourselves splurge. Just don't let the splurges get out of control and most importantly, bring it back to the resolution of "I want to be a healthier, more fit me!"

So, here's to a healthier and happier, both physcially and mentally you, all year-round-not only until March :-) Be good to yourself and know that you are working on a lifestyle change!!

In good health!

Jackie Byrne

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