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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Self-sabotage is one of the easiest ways to derail all your progress and all your hard work. People tend to be their own worse enemies. I have seen clients start to get really fit, feel healthy and then over-do their splurges because they think they "deserve" it. Everyone deserves a splurge and an indulgence, the problem lies in the thinking, "I have lost weight so I can eat whatever I want!" Let's go back to the philosophy of your new healthy and fit ways as being a lifestyle change, not a diet, not a temporary fix.

Granted there will be times during the month, the year, etc. that you will indulge more, just make sure you are keeping yourself honest and trying to make that 80-90% of your diet coming from whole, clean foods.

Another self-sabotaging move for people comes from when they don't indulge at all, they have labeled food as "bad" or "not allowed to have." What happens is there is only so much willpower people have and then they break, which leads to the vicious cycle of overeating and then feeling guilty and then berating yourself. It's okay to SPLURGE! It's encouraged! Don't beat yourself up if you had one to many pieces of pizza or too large a piece of cake, just commit to making healthier choices at the next meal. All self guilt does, is tear your self-esteem to shreds and that's not what being a healthy-fit person is all about!

Happy Wednesday, go and enjoy your day and keep focusing on those fat-burning workouts and staying on track with being the fit person you know you can be!