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Sunday, June 6, 2010

A little reminder what to eat for snacks

It's between meals, your stomach is growling, and the only thing you have on hand is mints and a bag of m&m's. Although this may be the norm for you, having snacks on hand or stashed away are great ways to stay on track with your diet.

I continually encourage my clients to plan ahead with their snacks, even packing them all on Sunday before the week starts. It's so important to not get to hungry and make sure when you go into lunch, dinner, etc you aren't ravenous, which will only lead to overeating! The best way to do that is have a sensible snack or two throughout the day. Snacks need to be re-thought, having a snack can boost your metabolism, stave off hunger and help you stay on track with your healthy lifestyle, it's just choosing the right ones.

Below I have a few suggestions for snacks with calories listed, ENJOY!

· -Small whole wheat pitas or cute up veggies with 1 TBS hummus: 130-175 calories

-7-10 organic tortilla chips with 1 TBS: homemade bean dip or hummus or mashed avocado: 220 calories

-Cut up apples with 1 TBS peanut butter, almond butter: 200 calories (try to get natural or organic PB or AB)

-Make your own Trail mix: dried cranberries, almonds crushed, high-fiber cereal (1/4 cup serving: 200 calories)

-Yogurt with some crushed nuts: 200 calories

-Cut up veggies with Greek yogurt mixed with spices: 175 calories

-Serving of cottage cheese and ¼ cut-up apple, add some cinnamon: 150 calories

-Serving of cottage cheese and cut up cherry tomatoes: 120 Calories

-Frozen grapes, bananas: 100-120 calories

-Kebobs of fruit and cheese or veggies and cheese: 1oz cheese and 1/2 cup fruit or veggies 225 cals

-Hard boiled eggs (1 egg, 1 white) (optional tomato slices): 80 Calories

-1/2 cup garbanzo beans: cook in 1 tsp olive oil, with a little sea salt and red pepper: let cook and enjoy: 150 calories

-Low-fat or fat-free Greek yogurt with berries 130-150 calories

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