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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


It's beautiful outside, the sun is shining, you feel completely rest, and you can't wait to go workout and enjoy this beautiful weather! Okay, that's the perfect scenario, but what about those other days when you have barely slept, it's gloomy out, and you feel like crap?!?

Getting motivation to workout is one of the hardest things to do. I know many of my clients say, "If you weren't working me out today, I wouldn't have worked out." Since it's not realistic to have a trainer everyday, what can you do to get your butt out of the house and workout?

I think one of the best things to do is schedule an appointment with yourself, just like you would any other meeting. Another great thing is plan to meet a friend for exercise before you meet for lunch or drinks.

When exercising isn't your idea of a good time, think about your exercise goal and why you want to achieve it. Yes, it may be easy to be "too tired" to workout, but it's those days when we don't feel like going and we push ourselves that take our fitness to the next level.

Instead of focusing on not wanting to exercise and dreading every minute of it, think about how you feel when you are done! How good to you feel at the end? Try to focus on that feeling and getting to it, instead of the actual workout itself! How many times have you not felt like working out? How many of those times did you drag yourself to the gym and feel better after? I'm guessing most of them! Now there are times when you just need a rest, so if you start working out and you aren't feeling better, maybe take a day off.


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