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Monday, May 3, 2010

When there is no time...

I know you know, breakfast is a must if you want to start the day off right. You will not only eat less throughout the day, but you will rev up your metabolism after eating a healthy breakfast.

Unfortunately, we don't always have enough time to make breakfast, let alone buy food to make breakfast. So whether you didn't get groceries, you don't have time to make the groceries you bought, or you are on the road, I want you to feel comfortable making healthy breakfast choices.

Below I have listed 4 different fast food places and some healthy options as well as some less than healthy options so you can see what you are fueling your body with in a rush!

Plain Bagel-300, 1 gram
Apple bran muffin- 350, 9 grams
Oatmeal with nuts and brown sugar- 300, 2 grams**
Turkey bacon, egg white sandwich- 340, 10 grams**
Greek yogurt with honey parfait- 290, 5 grams**

Egg Mcmuffin- 300, 12 grams*
Sausage burritos- 300, 16 grams
Scrambled eggs- 170, 11 grams**
Fruit and yogurt parfait- 160, 2 grams**

Dunkin Donuts
Egg and cheese on english muffin-320, 13 grams
EggWhite and cheese on english muffin-270, 5 grams**
Reduced fat blueberry muffin- 450, 10 grams
Multigrain bagel- 390, 8 grams
Eggwhite turkey sausage flatbread- 280, 6 grams**

Tim Hortons
Everything bagel- 280, 2 grams
Low-fat vanilla yogurt with blueberries- 160, 3 grams**
Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich- 420, 23 grams
Egg and cheese wrap-220, 12 grams**
Mixed berry oatmeal- 210, 3 grams**

**Best choices
*Okay choices

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