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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Enjoy the summer

As we start to enjoy summer and the layers of clothing lessen, I think we are all reminded of that perfect summer body we are working so hard to achieve. Summer is the time of lighter foods, more fruit, fresh vegetables, tighter clothing, so naturally summer is a smaller you, right?!?

I know, during the summer, many of my clients, including myself, tend to have more parties to attend, graduations, bbqs, and mid-week celebrations because "it's a perfect day!" Problem is you think well for sure I will have my eating under control when summer hits, except with summer comes more social gatherings, more drinking, more ways to get off track on your workout program.

So my suggestion is to lock yourself in your house, only eat fish and vegetables, never go out to eat, don't eat at social events and make sure to workout for at least an hour a day 5 days a week...Sound good? Heck no!

It's not realistic, you probably wouldn't be very happy, you definitely wouldn't be very social and it's not a long term solution. Most of the time when you continue to deprive yourself it only leads to overdoing it later and sabotaging your efforts even more!

A more realistic approach would be to look at the week as a whole, decide what events you are going to, how many times you will be going out to eat and how many days you will be able to fit in a workout. So if you won't be cooking at home all but 2 meals for a week, make sure they are filled with healthy proteins, carbs and fats in case your options out aren't the best choices.

When dining out, you can get a peak at the menu and the nutritional content online ahead of time for many restaurants. Take some time review what your better options are or when at a restaurant look for key words of grilled, steamed, baked and request sauces/dressings on the side.

With attending events or parties you are a little more limited to what your food options are, if there's something you really want to add to your plate (mayo-laden potato salad) take a smaller portion of that and fill the plate with greens and healthy proteins. Don't forget, it's okay to have splurges, enjoy a dessert, some wine, or whatever you are craving, just don't make one splurge or one meal turn into one week!

Happy 4th of July weekend, enjoy the parties, enjoy the fun, all while keeping your fitness goals in mind!

**I also wanted to add some of the workout I did last week at my semiar: take a look I am wearing all black and getting my butt kicked...now I know your pain!

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