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Monday, October 28, 2019

Making that Monday workout more manageable

It's Monday again, and the weekend sins are staring you in the face -Gasp!
The start of a week,  we try to get back into the healthy habits of our
exercise routine and "clean" (cleaner??) eating.
Why do we feel so yucky coming off our weekend?
Why does that 5am workout feel like we have an extra person on
our back and that salad just isn't enough?!  

Think of it from your body's perspective:
It’s the weekend! I get to relax, do an easier workout, or even take
Saturday and Sunday off.
And the food! So delicious and satisfying.
And now you want me to get up at the crack of dawn and workout? 
And you’re going to starve me to boot? 

Here are a couple strategies to make that Monday more bearable:

1. Get a good workout in on Saturday or Sunday before your weekend splurge.
Some great weekend activities include an extra long walk or jog with the kids,
a session of hot yoga, or a quick high intensity cardio and strength circuit. 
Just remember to get your body moving. 

2. Try to limit your splurge to one or two meals  If you are trying to lose weight
and those who are maintaining a healthy lifestyle definitely have room for a splurge
or two across the course of the week.
It’s important and healthy for you to “loosen” the reigns on the diet.
Part of a healthy diet should be the ability to include an indulgence.
Letting the Friday night pizza, turn into Saturday boozy brunch, then Saturday date night out
and finally comfort food Sunday, makes getting to your fitness goals a lot harder!
You work hard, you deserve a splurge but don’t a weekend takeover that derails all your hard work!

3. Use your body’s built-in systems to your benefit.
Do a vigorous workout right before your splurge meal.
Yes, calories still count even if you workout. But you can take advantage of having
a higher metabolism from that workout. Exercise post-oxygen consumption (EPOC) is at work here.
This bodily process can be in your favor as it continues to burn calories and fat after your workout is over. 

4. Throughout the weekend, get a healthy amount of vegetables and fruit in.
It really will make a difference on Monday! Fruits and veggies provide both water
and fiber which your body desperately needs, especially surrounding a splurge meal or two.
They will help to debloat you and keep you regular.

5. Plan for some healthy snacks along your day on Monday.
You may have eaten more than you should have over the weekend, and your stomach will
definitely remind you. If you start hearing that rumbling, have a snack plan to help your stomach
have a better day.

6.  Listen to your body and pick the right exercise for the day.
You overate and under-worked on the weekend; this must mean you can't eat anything
and you need to have the toughest workout ever to start the week. Not exactly.
Your body is using the fuel from the weekend to fuel that first workout.
You can push it, but be mindful of what your body is telling you.
If it's too much on Monday, maybe plan for Tabata Tuesday morning.
This works especially well after you have had great hydration and better food choices under your belt.

7. Drink a lot of water mixed with a healthy squeeze of a lemon.
Help your body detoxify and hydrate so you are better off for that early morning workout
at the start of the week.

8. Please, please, please -- DO NOT weight yourself on Monday!
It's not kind and can lead to very inaccurate results. Tuesday morning, sure go ahead.
The Monday morning weigh sets you up for disappointment and unnecessary grief.
Waiting, even a day, will help to decrease the weekend bloat and possible water retention.

Happy Monday, I hope this helps set the tone for a better week and a more prepared
weekend going forward!  


Jackie Byrne
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Pre/Post Natal

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