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Monday, January 16, 2017

New Year

Happy New Year!

I know the new year seems to bring many resolutions: people start a new diet or maybe a new fitness plan. It seems so promising, and it can be if you lean into it the right way!

I love this time of year; I love seeing people's excitement about the possibilities of what their new commitment means! The only problem is many people dive into resolutions that are way too extreme: "I'm never eating carbs again" or "I will workout for an hour every day, no matter what!" I think the best thing to do is just something healthier. It doesn't have to be an all or nothing commitment-those usually don't work because we become overwhelmed with the changes, and the failure rate is 90%.  When we change one simple thing, the success rate is over 80%. It's so much better to have a goal of doing one thing a day to be healthier. Some great ideas would be taking the stairs, adding lemon to your water, writing in your journal, or adding in a vegetable or fruit at every meal. Pick something that gives you a leg up on yesterday!

Achieving a healthy lifestyle is all about balance; it's not the all or nothing attitude! We tend to forget part of being a healthy, fit person is being mentally healthy, too. Constant negative self-talk and deprivation is going to beat a person down, take those healthy additions, and turn them into something negative. So, with your additional healthy add-in, give your self some slack if it's not a "perfect" day.

So this New Year, I challenge you to do something healthier, something that makes you feel good and will also do your whole body some good!

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Unknown said...

Thanks Jackie! You're the BEST! Your constant support and positive energy (thru whatever kind of day I'm having) has always given me the encouragement to pick up and start again. You're a true and honest role model for fitness and health! :-)