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Monday, August 4, 2014

Makeover Mondays

The start of another week always feels promising, the goal to get more workouts in this week, eat cleaner, anything's possible! I know Mondays are normally no fun, especially coming off the weekend, but try to view your Mondays as the reset of your health journey. Maybe you had a tough weekend, too many parties, too many drinks or cake or whatever your poison; today is your day to reset any of those things that felt like they derailed your goals. Maybe you had a great weekend, you were on track with you workouts, your nutrition was clean and you got ample sleep, take that and start your Monday knowing this week you will set a new goal for yourself and pat yourself on the back! I think the biggest thing to remember is, it's never to late to start eating clean again or getting good workouts in, that's what Monday is all about! Have a great week and make healthy choices!

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