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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

You can't out-train a poor diet, but you can at least try...

We've all been there, running, strength training, swimming, pushing ourselves to try and out smart the cupcakes we just devoured or the pizza that somehow disappeared. The more you read on calories consumed and calories expended, and the more you do an experiment on yourself, it's easy to see, your nutrition matters.

It's not that you can't have a splurge, you can, it's just if you live on splurges, even if you run 5 miles a day, you might not hit those fitness goals.

I truly believe in making your nutrition count and focusing on good clean foods, and I also believe in making your splurges count and really enjoying them!

That being said, maybe there are a few weeks out of the year where you say goodbye to clean eating. Some may call this lapse in clean eating vacation, Christmas week, summer, whatever you call it, it happens to all of us. Thing is, my previous self used to get so wrapped up in the anxiety of it all and at the end of said vacation or break berate myself. I've found, that's not worth it.

If you are on vacation, or it's a special holiday week, enjoy yourself, you don't do this every day (you don't, right?!) The "fun" you have can easily be taken off when you get back to your routine, just don't stay away too long and when you are back from your break, really get back into it.

Another pitfall some of my clients tend to have is the "screw my diet and my fitness." This is where I go back to my original thought, no you can't out-train a poor diet, but if you are on vacation, you certainly can get in some great exercise to off-set some of it. When it comes to nutrition and exercise,we all need a break from rigidity, best if you can make those breaks happen at separate times.

On that note, happy summer and happy vacations!

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