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Monday, April 19, 2010

Don't drink all your calories!

The weather is starting to warmup, which means you will probably be spending more time outside. More outdoor happy hours, more backyard gatherings and definitely more enjoyment in the sun! What could make these social settings even more enjoyable, hmm, maybe a yummy, refreshing cocktail or two?

When it comes to summer and social settings it's easy to make one drink become two or three or...you get the point, it's a slippery slope. The more you tend to drink, the more your inhibitions go and the easier it is to not watch your nutrition.

Now, I am all for a few drinks to enjoy yourself, this goes back to that everything in moderation and those encouraged splurges! Just remember not every drink is created equal! Let's take a look at a few favorites to get an idea of just how much of our diet we may be drinking...

These are based on standard serving sizes in a restaurant:

Margaritas-375 cals
Cosmopolitian-267 cals
Bottle of beer-150 cals
White Russian-360cals
Pina Colada-437cals
Rum and Coke-182 cals
Vodka and club soda-80cals

So if you are to imbibe in a libation, be safe and enjoy yourself, just make sure to be the savvy fit female/male I know you are and don't overdo it! Enjoy the nice weather!

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